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Your energy healing made a significant difference in the rest of my day.  I was smiling as I drove home…. I felt relief from the stress and anxiety and heartache.  It was wonderful.  ~ D.J. Concord, MA

“I love Bernadette’s music.  I am a healer and use her whole CD in my healing practice.  It is part of the healing and soothes my clients’ souls and my soul while I’m working.  Her CD is the only CD I’ve found that every song is beautiful.”  - Roselani

“If you need musical relief from the stress around you today, listen to Bernadette Yao's new cd, Light Embracing. Whether you are seeking to create a sacred space or just a quiet moment, her music brings instant peace. Fantastic new cd! This is a must-have for every music library.”  - Anne Sweeney, PBS Pledge Host, Nightscapes Radio Host

“I am so grateful to Bernadette Yao for an extraordinary collaboration in our Yoga with Live Music this past Friday morning.  Bernadette is a master at improvisation and at creating just the right tones and chants to support the inner exploration of yoga practice.  Wow, thank you Bernadette and thank you to all who came to celebrate and support such seamless Beauty.  Bernadette will be back for Yoga with Live Music in the fall as well as for a Saturday morning workshop on Sound Healing.”  - January 2016, Nadia Puttini, Bare Sole Yoga

"Her music transcends...."  (CDs)

“Bernadette's music transcends you into a deep place of relaxation and love. I have known her and her healing music for over 14 years now. Her Radiance CD, her thesis project at Barbara Brennan School in around 2000 or so, still transcends time and space, and is one of my favorites. I am so pleased she is generously sharing some of her new work here on FB....“ Donna Evans Strauss - former Year 4 Dean, Barbara Brennan School of Healing

"The Healing Music Concert was that and so much more.  What a gift I gave myself by being there.  It was truly a peace filled afternoon and as my friend said she hadn't been so relaxed in ages and it was just what she needed. Thank you so much for the beautiful performance and heart lifting music... It was truly a glorious afternoon."
- Patricia B. Stowe, MA (June 1, 2014)

“I wear hearing aids – so music can be challenging – the bowls are incredible.  The ability to “feel” the sound and feel the energy over my mind interpreting the sound.  It’s so pure and very energizing!” (5-2-2016)

“Feeling validated regarding my feelings.  Loved all of the parts of the program – singing, music, bowls.  Bernadette is so loving, kind and talented.  I was very pleased with the entire workshop.  Thank you, Bernadette.  A wonderful experience.”  ~ Judy, (5-2-2016)

A review by Bill Binkelman,
Retailing Insight Magazine, Zone Music Reporter

"Bernadette Yao's Reiki Healing Wisdom is the third in a series of healing music releases and it's a beautiful album-length single piece recording. Layers of lush synthesizers flow over the listener like a calming wave of warmth and light. Hushed chorals intermix with the synth pads and strings to weave a comforting quilt of soft soundscapes. Occasional bell tones add an air of the ethereal to this album that truly exemplifies its intent (per liner notes), "…designed to gently create an atmosphere of caring and healing." At one hour long, it's ideal for Reiki/massage, so pitch it to appropriate customers. In-store play in the evening hours should generate interest." - Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine, Zone Music Reporter

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend Bernadette’s Mind-Body Music and Sound Therapy Workshops!  At a recent workshop I was astonished when I experienced myself as total energy during the meditation while Bernadette played and sang at the end of the workshop.  For about sixty seconds, I sensed myself as pure energy without a physical body.  It was an amazing experience!” ~ Marcia Hubbardston, MA (12-11-14)

"I felt centered.  Grounded and free at the same time.  Completely comfortable in me – and yet, expansive and open…to everything.  I left happy.  And well. And full of wonderful, meaningful intentions for the New Year."
- an excerpt from Amanda Goodwin's blog titled, "Good Vibrations" Dec. 22, 2015.  Click here to read more

"Bernadette's music opens the heart...."
“Bernadette's music opens my heart.  When we facilitate healing groups together her practices of healing sound, toning, tuning, and beautiful music allow my Qi Gong and Tai Chi students to access sacred, deep places within themselves.  Is there anything more healing than reaching the level of consciousness where you realize that you and everything is sacred?  That is where her music can take you.  Thank you, Bernadette, for sharing your music with us.”  - Carol Mielo Swerzenski, Qi Gong & Tai Chi teacher. 

“Bernadette’s music opens a door to a sacred space that somehow seems just a bit out of reach in the mundane activity of daily life. Yet the simple act of clicking ‘play’ brings this other, shining reality forward, with an invitation to relax and expand. When I listen, I remember who I am...I return to center...I become softness and peace.”  Maria Perry for


"It's so pure and very energizing!"    (Workshops & Private Sessions)

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