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WORKSHOPS: Music & Sound for Healing

Explore ~ Tone ~ Chant ~ Meditate

Music and sound healing has the power to gently comfort, soothe, and support you in letting go of tension and stress, release stuck energy, inspire creativity, and uplift the spirit!

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling scattered and depleted which can translate into disharmony in our body, mind, and spirit.  This workshop is designed to help bring harmony back into your physical, emotional, and energy systems.  We will re-tune our mind, body and spirit, and create a supportive environment to gently find our own healing voice and activate our energy centers (chakras).  This vocal tuning and chanting prepares us for the relaxing vibrations from various Himalayan singing bowls and precious alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls infused with precious metals and gemstones for a radiant sound bath.  

As a musician for over 30 years and a certified energy practitioner, Bernadette intuitively blends the fusion of music, toning, chanting, with sound and energy healing to create a musically calming oasis that relaxes the mind and helps promote the body’s own natural ability to balance itself.  When the mind relaxes, the body follows. As an energy therapist for over 15 years, Bernadette translates the ambiance of energy transmission through her music CDs, performances, and sound healing workshops for meditation.

Learn how to use your healing voice to create a sonic massage for overall health and wellness.  Allow the pure tones of alchemy crystal singing bowls and intuitive healing vocals of musician and sound healer, Bernadette Yao, to help you unwind, release tension and stress, promoting ease and serenity.
Here are some comments from past workshops with Bernadette:

“I loved the bowls with the music.  Bernadette is a fabulous teacher!  It was a perfect!  One class and I will follow you everywhere!” – Julie P.

“Absolutely phenomenal!  Makes my body sing.  I have continued to do toning everyday.  Helps me come into myself.  Really special.”  - Sharlotte E.

“…. Her voice, her gentleness, her skills/gifts, her tuning into each person in the group to offer just what we need at any time, her [singing] bowls and how she plays them!.... Bernadette’s chants, songs, singing bowls, are extraordinarily, blessedly healing, and energizing.  I’m going to ask my health insurance company if they will pay for my attending Bernadette’s workshops and private healing sessions – if they want me to stay healthy, that would make sense for them – this is the most healing therapy I’ve found.  God bless Bernadette….S/He obviously already has with this gift of energy, sound healing, and heart.

“I wear hearing aids – so music can be challenging – the bowls are incredible.  The ability to “feel” the sound and feel the energy as my mind interprets the sound.  It’s so pure and very energizing!”

“Feeling validated regarding my feelings.  Loved all of the parts of the program – singing, music, bowls.  Bernadette is so loving, kind and talented.  I was very pleased with the entire workshop.  Thank you, Bernadette.  A wonderful experience.”  ~ Judy

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend Bernadette’s Mind-Body Music and Sound Therapy Workshops!  At a recent workshop I was astonished when I experienced myself as total energy during the meditation while Bernadette played and sang at the end of the workshop.  For about sixty seconds, I sensed myself as pure energy without a physical body.  It was an amazing experience!” ~ Marcia

Here's a little sound therapy for you! Take a few minutes, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and listen to the gentle sounds of these healing alchemy crystal singing bowls. Notice how you feel after the video ends. Gentle breathing,.....and relax.  (Live recording on iPhone 6 plus, 10-16-16)

Meditation Video by Bernadette Yao

Meditation and Healing Music CDs  & MP3 Downloads

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