"Meditative....wordless poetry....moves you to your center....uplifting, inspiring.  Builds a sense of inner freedom...expansive, heart opening, grounding.  A fluid experience of grace and aliveness."  LS, New York, 

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Bernadette has released two albums of relaxation, meditation, reiki music on her independent label Yao Music. 

Light Embracing © 2012

Radiance © 2005

As a composer, vocalist, and performing musician for over 30 years, Bernadette combines her unique blend of energy healing techniques through music (vocals, crystal singing bowls, guitar, harmonium, keyboards, percussion) to create a soothing energy healing and meditative experience.

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Bernadette Yao is a mind-body energy + sound therapist providing music and energy healing techniques to aid in promoting relaxation, lowering stress levels, which may support your own body’s ability to balance itself.  Studies have shown that passive music listening spontaneously engages limbic and paralimbic systems which “elicits strongly pleasant feelings”.

Musician, Healing Arts Practitioner

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