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Bernadette's new album, Reiki Healing Wisdom is now available. Unlike other forms of soothing sound, this album provides listeners with Reiki energy healing through one hour of uninterrupted meditative, ambient music.

Bernadette Yao is a composer, music producer, and the founder of Healing Wave Therapies where she works as a Mind-Body Music and Energy Healer with four years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in music and telecommunications

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Bernadette Yao is a mind-body energy + sound therapist providing music and energy healing techniques to aid in promoting relaxation, lowering stress levels, which may support your own body’s ability to balance itself.  Studies have shown that passive music listening spontaneously engages limbic and paralimbic systems which “elicits strongly pleasant feelings”.

Musician, Healing Arts Practitioner

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