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Energy Sound Meditation

for Healing with Bernadette Yao

Calm  •  Balance  •  Peace


January 21st, 7-8 pm EST

February 4th, 7-8 pm EST

February 18th, 7-8 pm EST

March 4th, 7-8 pm EST

March 18th, 7-8 pm EST

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Here’s what people are saying about the meditations:


“I love your classes! I had no idea what sound therapy was before I tried a class and I’m hooked. It’s such a trying time now and it helps immensely.” ~ EJ


“That was so incredible. Your voice is so healing and your bowl playing exquisite.  I am just floating and still basking in it!  Such a divine gift! The sound bath was so powerful…it was like listening to your healing cds (which I love) but times a million!!!” ~ LD


“Thank you for this meditation exercise!  I am loving your sound therapy sessions and hum frequently with great results:  joy, calm, mindfulness. You have been instrumental in my experience living with and healing from cancer.” ~  LM


“Gift yourself with a Sound Healing, today.  Bernadette's gift and the sound of her amazing voice and crystal bowls calms and aligns me with goodness and peace.” ~ MR


“I have attended several Sound sessions. I never did them in person but I have found the online format excellent. I put my earbuds in and totally zone out. Bernadette is awesome.”


“Thanks for the wonderful healing session, Bernadette!  Felt so relaxed and at peace.  Can't wait for the next time!” CC   

“Another absolutely celestrial cleanse. You are a special healer!  Thank you for all you do to help people heal.” ~ Linn


“I had never done this before, but tried and have felt so relaxed afterwards. It makes me want to learn more about the chakras and how the philosophy works - because it really does!”    (The biggest challenge is finding time in the middle of the afternoon to fit it into my day, but I am always glad that I've made time for it!”)

Restorative Yoga offers the body a chance to rest deeply and revitalize.  Whether you are feeling weak, fatigued, stressed from daily activities, or simply need to slow down and tune into your body, this wonderful practice is essential for well-being.  It seems that during these stressful times such practices are essential to maintain inner balance:  it's like taking a nurturing bath. 


While restoring yourself, enjoy the healing power of sacred sounds from singing alchemy bowls infused with precious metals and crystals.  These sound vibrations help clear blocked energy, balance your energy system, reduce stress and  boost your immune system.  Let your body be nourished, your heart soften and your soul return home.


How to prepare for this online event: 

*  You will need:  one mat, two blocks, two blankets, a couple of pillows, a bolster (if you have) and a chair.
*  Since early March, Bernadette has led online workshops and private healing sessions and classes supported by state of the art microphones and audio software for maximum sound quality.   To make the most of the session, Bernadette recommends you wear headphones or any in-ear audio device like earbuds or airbuds for optimal sound quality.  An external speaker will do, too. 


4 Sundays, 01/10;  02/07;  03/07;  04/04; 

5-6pm  |  BareSole Yoga Studio  |  

$80 for series   |   $25 Drop In

Registration required.  The fee for this class is non-refundable. 

  • Energy Sound Meditation for Healing with Bernadette Yao
    Online Event | Zoom
  • Energy Sound Meditation for Healing with Bernadette Yao
    Online Event | Zoom
  • Energy Sound Meditation for Healing with Bernadette Yao
    Online Event | Zoom
  • Energy Sound Meditation for Healing with Bernadette Yao
    Online Event | Zoom