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Bernadette Yao is a holistic health practitioner with a mission to help clients tap into their true creative power by awakening the inner light and brilliant essence that lies within each and every one of us.


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New workshops coming this fall 2022!

Experience healing frequencies & energy transmission from alchemy crystal singing bowls & healing voice to relax the nervous system and improve your overall holistic health.

Through energy and sound healing techniques, you may empower your senses and awaken your intuition for improved creativity, productivity, and improving overall health and wellness. CLICK HERE for more details.

Fall workshops will be scheduled soon.  Consider booking a private session with Bernadette this summer. 


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Message from Bernadette

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for being a most joyful part of my year.  I have learned so much from each of my clients and workshop participants.  You are my teacher.  And I am lucky to be a part of this healing community of seekers and healers.  Together, we join voices, hearts, and minds, to send vibrations of love, peace, and healing to ourselves and to others. 

I am grateful for your dedication and curiosity for bringing the healing arts into your practice for wellness.  I absolutely love to help others, and left the TV industry so I could explore holistic health methods for relief from stress, grief, trauma, and chronic pain due to injury or illness. 

Like some of you, I am someone who experienced many health challenges growing up, both mental and physical trauma.  My search for healing has led me to this wonderful time in my life where I am allowing positive mirroring of my full potential by doing what I truly love, writing and recording new music. It took me many decades to allow the opening to this beautiful concept of self love, making music and leading sound meditation workshops.  And I am grateful to you all for trusting me to walk along beside you as we move along this pathway towards optimal wellness and full embodiment of our brilliant creative essence. Thank you for being a beautiful presence in my life.  I am grateful.

Shine your light!


It's never too late to create! - my mantra as I work on new music for my next album of Yoga Dance music and songs from the heart, to be released in 2022.  I can't wait to share this with you.




Find Your Joy - Create!
In May 2021, I began my music writing process over the which was a joyful and healing process.  I am doing what I love and I think of you, my clients, as I work on each song with positive messaging of love, healing, and knowing your self-worth. Please stay tuned.

New Sound Healing Workshops have been scheduled!  GO TO EVENTS for more details


Featuring some of Bernadette's collection of Alchemy Crystal Bowls:

Counter clock-wise from bottom left

  • Selenite Ocean Gold Lemon Gold - pure light, enhance immune system

  • Kyanite - energy clearing

  • Charcoal Platinum - clarity, relieve stress

  • Abalone White Light Aura Gold - purifying

  • Selenite - clears blocked energy


Watch ZOOM 50th Anniversary Webinar, recorded live on Feb. 2, 2022.

Take a nostalgic look back at the iconic 70’s show featuring some of the cast members from seasons 2 & 3 including Leon, Lori, Donna, Ann, Jay, Maura, Bernadette, and Executive Producer, Christopher Sarson, as they share their favorite memories with David Kamp, journalist, and author of Sunny Days: The Children’s Television Revolution That Changed America.

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