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Bernadette Yao

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Learn about Bernadette Yao, her music

and Sound Therapy workshops.  

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The Power of Sound to Heal Trauma Across Generations, 13th Annual Asian American Mental Health Forum, July 30, 2022

As a featured Artist Performance, Bernadette Yao offered a Sound Meditation for the opening of the 13th Annual Asian American Mental Health Forum, Building Resilience: Healing Trauma Across Generations, on July 30, 2022. Take a deep breath and sit with the healing vibrations from Bernadette's sound healing with her collection of alchemy crystal singing bowls and healing voice. Release trauma, calm your nervous system, and come back into balance and peace while listening to this soothing music anytime you wish.



Featuring some of Bernadette's collection of Alchemy Crystal Bowls:

Counter clock-wise from bottom left

  • Selenite Ocean Gold Lemon Gold - pure light, enhance immune system

  • Kyanite - energy clearing

  • Charcoal Platinum - clarity, relieve stress

  • Abalone White Light Aura Gold - purifying

  • Selenite - clears blocked energy


Featuring more Alchemy Crystal Bowls from Bernadette's collection:

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