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Energy Sound Healing to guide you toward Peace, Clarity, and Balance

with Bernadette Yao

During this pandemic, Bernadette is hosting a series of online classes  to offer sound meditation, and teach self-healing techniques, Sound Therapy For Healthy Aging through Emerson Health.  These online classes will continue into the fall and winter season online which will encompass some self-healing techniques, chakra tunings, and Energy Sound meditations with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and healing voice. Consider these regular occurring classes as yoga of sound tune-ups for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Workshops are designed to help you relax, unwind and bring your attention to the music as a meditative tool. Bernadette combines her original music compositions, sound healing techniques, alchemy crystal singing bowls, healing voice, ancient Sanskrit chants, and energy therapies (certified in Reiki and Brennan Healing Science) to create a musically calming oasis that relaxes the mind and helps promote the body’s own natural ability to balance itself. When the mind relaxes, the body follows.


ALL ARE WELCOME. Join us online from the comfort of your home through ZOOM.

Creating an oasis of calm and healing. Please join me online through Zoom, and experience the healing power of sacred sounds from singing bowls including precious alchemy crystal singing bowls infused with precious metals and crystals, Himalayan singing bowls, energy vibrational sounds to help clear blocked energy, balance your energy system, for stress reduction and immune system boost.


Registration required. Fee is $39 

CLICK HERE for Fall 2022 Events

Benefits of

Sound Healing

Bring balance and harmony back into your energetic system. Learn self-healing techniques. Guided meditations to the soothing sounds of alchemy crystal singing bowls infused with precious metals, gemstones, and crystals.  Healing Vocals by energy sound healer, Bernadette Yao.


If you are experiencing COVID fatigue and would like to experience how energy and sound healing can improve your outlook by experiencing the power of meditation and sound vibrational healing to create a positive shift in your energy field.


What are the benefits for you?


Energy and sound healing can enhance your existing therapies to deepen and sometimes quicken the healing process emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Experiencing energy and sound healing may help in bringing your awareness back to self, and remembering the beauty of your full potential as you are gently guided back to remembering and reconnecting with self. As we return to the truth of our authentic selves, we can find the meaning to live with intention to move through life in our true creative process as well as allow ourselves to blossom into the unique essence we each possess.


Studies have shown that passive music listening spontaneously engages limbic and paralimbic systems which “elicits strongly pleasant feelings”. Bernadette’s unique approach is energy healing through music and sound using vibrations and energy from vocal toning, musical instruments, and alchemy crystal and Himalayan singing bowls to bring you into a deeper spiritual connection to your sacred self, guiding and teaching you healing techniques through meditations, toning, and sounds for relaxation, balance, and peace.  Sound and Energy Healing has also been known to help lower stress and strengthen your immune system which is so important during this time.


How to prepare for the online event:

We will conduct the sound/energy healing workshop on Zoom. The Zoom conferencing platform is currently considered the best online platform for conducting sound healings.


To make the most of the session, I suggest that you wear headphones or any in-ear audio device like earbuds or air buds for optimal sound quality.

What to expect

  • Learn self-healing techniques through energy and sound vibrations.

  • Receive chakra tunings for clearing and balancing of your energy centers for better overall health, 

  • Experience guided meditations to manage anxiety, set intentions for specific healings.

  • Take in the soothing vibrations from a crystalline sound bath and healing voice by Bernadette Yao

Allow the power of Energy Sound Healing to guide you toward Peace, Clarity, and Balance.  We’ll focus on calming and healing the nervous system, and integrating energy sound healing techniques and meditations to brighten and strengthen our energy field so we can:


  • Learn how to improve your overall health through simple tools that we inhabit naturally in our bodies through humming, toning, and intention.

  • Experience deeper awareness of your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

  • Experience greater freedom, joy, and self-fulfillment.

  • Create deep healing transformation in our relationship to self and others

  • Create a deeper sense of our connection with the Divine

Thank you for your comments

“Bernadette's healing presence with the crystal bowls is exceptional. Sound organizes our energy field in a palpable way. Great counterbalance to the intensity of the political and social energies..  Gift yourself!!” - Lisa Avnet, Energy Healer, Canyon Ranch, MA

“I love the zoom convenience, and Bernadette, her voice is soothing….very relaxing and positive.  I felt totally alone with Bernadette - deep in special thoughts. I’m a huge fan.  Wish i knew Bernadette Yao sooner.” - Maureen Murphy

“Bernadette you really created an excellent experience encompassing practical and actionable techniques for personal use and education, a calming meditation and sound bath. It was so applicable, calming and cleansing. You are a true advocate for your craft!” - JS

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