CD - Light Embracing Music Meditations

CD - Light Embracing Music Meditations

1.  Mother Earth (10:35)

2.  Creative Wave (6:35

3.  Light Emerging (12:29)

4.  Sky Drums (7:55)

5.  Larimar (10:37)

6.  Loving Grace (6:58)

7.  Bliss (8:52)


The music from “Light Embracing” may be used as a meditative healing session - listen to it on headphones while napping, and in sitting or walking meditation. It can be played through your speakers while you do your household chores or clear negative or stagnant energy in the home or work space. This music may also be used in therapeutic sessions (including massage, Reiki, Brennan Healing Science, energy healings, acupuncture), meditation and yoga. 


The physical CD comes with track descriptions and how each track corresponds with specific energy systems (chakras) for relaxation and stress reduction which may lead to improved emotional, physical and spiritual health. Plus, you can proudly display the beautiful cover art,  painted by Veronica Tronoski. 


Bernadette Yao: Voice, keyboards, guitar, crystal singing bowls, chimes, djembe, shakers, bells.

Recorded, mixed, produced by Bernadette Yao

The front cover was painted by Veronica Tronoski, “Indian Summer” © 2012 Veronica Tronoski,

Photography by Michael McEachern

Printed, pressed, and packaged by Oasis Disc Manufacturing.


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    Artist: Bernadette Yao

    Album: Light Embracing: Music Meditations 

    Review by Matthew Forss


    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


    Massachusetts-based, Bernadette Yao, is a soulful, musical healer that is an energy healer, Brennan Healing Science practitioner, and a Reiki practitioner. As a facilitator and purveyor of relaxation and peace, Bernadette creates an appealing record of meditative music for therapeutic healing sessions, yoga, dreaming, and other calming activities. The one-plus hour album contains seven songs and Bernadette offers a few vocals and plays guitar, keyboards, Quartz crystal bowls, djembe, shakers, bells, and chimes. 


    “Mother Earth” begins with the strike of a high-tone bell and a few softer bells with chimes and Bernadette’s om-centered vocal set that is intermittent. A slowly-played acoustic guitar enters the mix with a few slaps on the djembe and electronic washes stemming from keyboards. The keyboard washes are similar in tone to Bernadette’s wordless vocals. The serene vocal set and ambulating instrumentation are rather lackadaisical. The entire musical mix slows down to nothing more than a little very light djembe playing, a few chimes, and Bernadette’s soulful voice. The end of the song returns to the guitar, washes, and acoustic guitar, as a good summation or musical journey. 


    “Creative Wave” opens with a symphonic, ambient wash that is very cinematic and spacey. Bernadette’s kirtan-focused vocalizations are free-flowing and airy. The acoustic guitar adds a little punctuation to the music. The vocals are progressive and experimental, which resemble the instrumentation and melody. The peaceful washes and meditative voicings possess a slight throat-singing ambiance from the steppes of Mongolia, but the music is created in the USA. 


    “Light Embracing” begins with a few pensive guitar strums and Bernadette’s wordless