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Reiki Therapy


Bernadette Yao is a holistic health practitioner with a mission to help clients tap into their true creative power by awakening the inner light and brilliant essence that lies within each and every one of us.

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Boost Intuition and Creative Flow

Bernadette uses alchemy crystal singing bowls, energy healing techniques, toning and chakra balancing to clear and strengthen blocked energy to promote healing, while boosting one’s inner peace, strength and sacred intuition.

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Improve Relationships

As a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I can help you improve relationships to self and others.  Strengthen awareness of armoring of the personality, intention, character defenses, and supporting a deeper self-awareness to remind you of your core essence.

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Holistic Health

To encourage you to investigate and ask compassionately, "Who Am I?" I meet you where you are, and help you find your unique pathway towards your dreams and goals.

Private Sessions online

with Bernadette

Transform your life, bring in more joy, creativity, confidence, know your self-worth, release past traumas,  (childhood abuse, physical injuries, grief, chronic illness)

  • Energy Consciousness and Chakra Assessment,

  • Energy Sound Healing sessions, using Brennan Healing Science techniques in Psych-Spiritual Healing

  • Reiki therapies to ease pain, stress, grief, trauma

  • Energy Healing Frequency Transmission, Long Distance Healing (Virtual)

  • Sound Baths recorded for you to listen to between sessions - boosting and brightening your energy field.

  • $160/hr including video recording of each session to listen to between sessions for improved wellness.





What to expect

In my private online practice, I help you identify energetically your holistic process through assessing your energy field at the beginning of each session.  My work can also be a powerful complement to your ongoing work with your healthcare providers and psychotherapists.  In addition to your therapies in allopathic medicine, energy and sound healing can help to deepen your healing process creating faster results.


We know that sound can move past the logic mind to help organize the various systems in the body.  My passion is to help you discover your light, your essence, and learning the tools to support your ever changing inner and outer holistic landscape with energetic and sound healing tools for expanded awareness and enhanced well being.


I developed my sound healing techniques over time while attending the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida back in 2001, and studying Reiki through my teachers at Arlington Reiki.  Since then, I've developed and mastered an effective non-invasive healing technique involving chakra tunings for better overall health, balancing of the energy consciousness with frequencies and tones combined with energy vibrations.  This includes body mind energy healing and psych-spiritual techniques to help calm the nervous system, release blocked energy, and bring you back to balance.  


The beneficial results from my sound healing sessions during private sessions have touched people from all walks of life in very deep and profound ways.  Some clients see me weekly for a period of time where they get the healings for clearing stuck energy, releasing deep rooted traumas, and open to their inner guidance, creativity, and joy.  Others come less frequently or just a few times a year for tune-ups.  My plan is to help my client to find their equilibrium and independence so they can practice ongoing self-care with energy and sound healing techniques they learn from my sessions.

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