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CD - Reiki Healing Wisdom

CD - Reiki Healing Wisdom

Calming, relaxing one hour of ambient music designed to create a gentle atmosphere of caring and healing. With a soothing flow of beautiful melodic harmonies, this album creates a space of peace and compassion for the listener.


During a Reiki session, music is a vital part of the experience used to relax the client and shift the environment in the room to a calm and supportive space for healing.  The music helps the listener to focus on the calm energy of the music in order to help quiet the mind.


How to use this cd?


This is a useful CD   Also, use this CD to create a relaxing space for recovery, lowering stress, pain reduction, meditation, channeling, journal writing, awakening intuition, improving focus, sleep aide, yoga, energy healing, acupuncture, massage, and other wellness treatments. 


The intention of this music is to awaken your innate healing wisdom within yourself with music infused with healing Reiki energy for comfort and relaxation. When the mind relaxes the body can begin to heal.