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CD - Radiance, Healing Music for Mind, Body, and Spirit

CD - Radiance, Healing Music for Mind, Body, and Spirit

1.  Root Harmony (5:04) - 1st chakra, base of spine, (red) - Deep connection to the earth and to your physical body.

2.  Creative Passion (5:51) - 2nd chakra - pelvic area (orange) - This is your sensual chakra; also connected with your immune system and creativity.

3.  Radiance (5:44) - 3rd chakra, solar plexus (yellow) - Mental clarity, knowing one’s place in the universe.

4.  Gratitude (5:29) - 4th chakra, heart (green) - Love for yourself and others.

5.  Trust (5:52) - 5th chakra,  throat (blue) - Divine will, trust, receiving, taking in.

6.  Angel’s Love (5:21) - 6th chakra, forehead, third eye (indigo or opalescent rose) - Divine Love, intuition.

7.  Forgiveness (5:16) - 7th chakra, crown, top of the head (violet or white) - Divine Knowing.


Total Program Time:  38:49


The idea for Radiance (CD) popped into my head as a topic for my senior thesis at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to create a basic healing through music which can clear, balance, and strengthen your energy field.


The album has 7 tracks which correspond to the 7 chakras and levels of the human consciousness field, beginning with the root chakra (1st level) and moving up to the crown chakra (7th level).


When you listen to this CD, treat yourself to a healing session by creating a peaceful space, and allow the tones from my voice and musical instruments to gently work with your unique healing wisdom to balance and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.


Dedicated to my father, Cheng Yao, who continues to inspire me to live with joy, passion, creativity, and love.



Vocals, guitar, crystal singing bowls, Kurzweil synthesizer, djembe, Balinese and Tibetan sacred bells, chimes.


Produced, composed, and performed by Bernadette Yao

Recorded and mixed at Yao Music Studio

Photography by Michael McEachern & Bernadette Yao


© 2005 Bernadette Yao, ASCAP / Yao Music. All rights reserved.
Printed, pressed, and packaged by Oasis Disc Manufacturing.



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